Thursday, July 2, 2020

My very first photo job in NYC

I opened my studio in 1979 after 4 years of assisting. I got married that same year and it was a good thing because my (20 year old) wife got me my first great client. She was working for a gift shop in Brooklyn (where we lived) when a coworker asked her "what does your husband do for a living dear?" Barb answered " my husband is just starting out as a commercial photographer." The coworker said "that's great! My husband owns an advertising agency! Your husband should call Vito." So Catelano & Gornick became my first client. I shot a lot for them. We did great work together. One of their clients was C&C cola. In 1980 DDB (Doyle Dane Bernbach) bought the agency to get C&C cola. So after only one year I was shooting for one of the largest advertising agencies in NYC. We did work for Lord Calvert and Ore-Ida and of course, C&C cola. I've had a couple of reps in my over 41 years of shooting but my wife got me my first and best client!

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