Thursday, January 24, 2008


life is certainly interesting.
It's still January, and I have failed to be healthy yet this year. I have been on 2 different anti-biotics, and 2 different antihistamines and I am still deaf and a tiny bit pained (it's a sinus infection).
As for the car, the green wagon engine does not match at all the gold one, so we are trading the struts, wheels and tires, but my faithful mechanic is looking for a rebuilt trans so I can finally drive it home. The reason there is a picture of a Mercedes above this blog, is that my faithful mechanic lent me the one he is rebuilding for auto shows
while he fixes my car. It rides great and is a nice trade. Still, it will never be able to carry my gurney.
I did teach my new semester Wednesday night. It'll be a great class. Only 8 or 9 students (instead of 16), and we'll all learn a lot.
I've been uploading stock images to Almay (my stock agency). It's a slow grueling process involving keywording and stuff, but it fills the down times.
Oh, I have shot 3 jobs this month, it's a slow start, but it's not dead. Thank God!