Friday, June 26, 2009

what a creep.

Have I mentioned that I am blessed with ADD? While it may be a blessing to me, it is much less so for those who have to live with me. Medication has been a big help but I still have to battle the passive aggression and anti social tenancies that used to be my natural personality. It is to that end that I present the beautiful hand crafted model of my old Nikon F that I had in high school. A girl named Jeannie made it for me. It still amazes me. She was a girl friend but so were one or two others at the same time. This ceramic Nikon sits on my desk as it has for many years. Unfortunately it reminds me of how poorly I may have treated Jeannie while we were together. My wife had lived with me that same way for 23 years. Wow.
I think I have been greatly blessed by the patient women in my past, but most of all by my wife who reminds me when I slip back into the old, selfish habits. Thanks for loving me Barb.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ya gotta know Photoshop

These were some of the 18 quick shots I did yesterday for Gerber. The finals will be PNG files for Power Point, but I still shoot RAW and save the images as layered Photoshop files. I just emailed the files to Gerber.
It's jobs like these that keep me working (thanks Ellen) and I love the way they fill the empty spaces and keep me busy.
As simple as these shot appear, you have to know what my client expected and why Photoshop was so necessary.
First, each of the 18 images needed to be stripped away from the background. Sometimes that means using the magic wand, sometimes that means using the path tool. Whatever works best is the right tool. Next, each of the images needed to be retouched. Corners were dented and had to be redrawn and for three of the shots, one front had to replace another so the box top would read the right way around.
When a photographer knows what is possible with Photoshop, they can shoot with that in mind making products easier to strip and capturing pieces that will be needed later in retouching. The more you do it, the faster you become and the more productive you will be. So you see, Photoshop made for one happy client, more money for the studio and one less bored photographer.