Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Joe Walsh

So I was a little bored today. My son Will had face-booked me a contest for a Joe Walsh poster for his new album Analog Man.. I was psyched until I actually finished reading the contest rules which said no actual images of Joe... How weird is that? A Joe Walsh poster with no Joe. Oh well, I loved this version anyway so here it is.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Joe Walsh: Great for the last 40 years

I think I was the second or third round choice of winners for this Q104.3 classic radio contest to see an invitation-only Joe Walsh concert. I've loved him since his 1970 album "james gang rides again".
Anyway, I got an email yesterday from Q104.3's work perks saying I had won: for last night. I asked Barb (the wife) first but she said no, so I went to my friend Bruce Frazier. This became the third concert we have seen together since 1990. 
It was a stand up only concert in the tiny but neat iheartradio theater. Joe is amazing: It seems he hasn't changed since the early 70's. He was great as ever.
One change maybe... it was a 45 minute show with no encore. 
But it was one awesome rockin' 45 minutes.