Thursday, February 5, 2015

4 decades

With all of the snow in the NorthEast, I've been a little bored so I took some time to put his video together in Lightroom. I will be teaching a Lightroom class this summer so it was kind of practice. Anyway, it's one thing to be hot for 10 years or so but it's a whole other thing to make a living with a camera for 40 years. It requires careful planning. The video begins with my very first paid for shot for Caterpillar in upstate NY. Upon moving to NYC I began to pursue a fashion career. I knew Eileen Ford through Jimmy Moore and she would send me models to test. As soon as I met my wife (to be) I knew I should not stay in fashion so I quickly shot a still life book. Next came 10 years shooting advertising of products, food and people. This was followed by 14 years shooting for Nabisco and Kraft Foods. And finally the last 11 years back on my own shooting mostly food. So you see film, digital and video. You need to keep up with what's new. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't make a living as a photographer. I wouldn't want any other life.