Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Two Cameras

I have been a Nikon shooter for a long time now. The F on the left was my first real pro camera and the one on the right is my current shooter. I hear every once in a while about the demise of Nikon. I simply don't believe it. The F comes from 1971, the D850 comes from 1 year ago. Still, I can swap lenses on the cameras. The F has a 1968 55mm Micro Nikkor that I shoot with regularly with on the D850. The D850 has an 80's 28mm 2.8 that fits on either camera. As a back up I have my older D700. It too takes all of my Nikon lenses. I have 5 older prime Nikon lenses and 2 more modern zooms. I wouldn't have 7 lenses if I couldn't still use all of the lenses I have bought over my over 40 years as a commercial photographer. Thank you Nikon. I love a heavy camera and the D850 with the attached extra grip certainly is. I am a studio shooter and I love having a camera that's a defensive weapon. I won't list all the great things about this camera but the ability to choose from 3 different raw sizes is pure genius. Thanks Nikon. You have been nothing but good for me since 1971.