Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Adobe's new neural filters

This is my lovely wife way back in 1979. The original was shot on Tri-X film which is black and white. A lot of the fashion stuff I shot back then was B&W. I had a great relationship with the Ford agency and Eileen. She would send me models to test and I did a lot but when I met this lady, I wanted to stay with her forever so I quick shot a still life book and gave up on fashion. Anyway, this is about Photoshop and the new Neural Filters. One you can download in the Beta section is Colorize. So I tried it on Barb 1979. Basically it begins with the push of a button. That did take me 80% of the way. I liked the way Barb looked. The color was very good, very real. However, it made the background yellowish so I lifted Barb up onto her own layer and made the lower layer blue-ish. Then I did have to desaturate her teeth, make her lips red and her eyes blue. What you see here as far as Barb is concerned is the Photoshop's Neural Filters. It knew to make her hair blond and her skin pink-ish. She looks good in color... 41 year later.