Monday, May 21, 2012

Ahmad... again

This is my second time shooting Ahmad Bradshaw. He is just a wonderful guy. This time it was for Rickland Orchards a food company making Greek Yogurt Bars (they're yummy). Ahmad draws a big crowd especially after helping the Giants win the last Superbowl. I brought a full strobe rig in the car but the place was too crazy for power cords so I used a super clamp to attach a Quantum flash head to a huge white shoot through umbrella. My assistant was my 6' son Daniel who held the lighting rig in his hands. I just told him to keep the umbrella's point on Ahmad and when he lifted the umbrella over his head, I had a 7 1/2 ' high light stand that would move anywhere I asked. I have no idea why I never used this human light-stand before. It was perfect!

Just for Fun

These images are being printed for my faculty art show @ WPUNJ. They were captured for ads for the old Brooklyn Union Gas company. I did a lot of images for them including Donald Trump and his dad Fred. We'll see how they go over.... Ain't art grand?