Sunday, June 2, 2013

80 MP Hasselblad 500C

I've got to re-shoot the grocery cart image for Nestle.
They told me the last time that it was going to be a print on the wall so I shot it with my trusty D700. One week after the shoot they told me the print would be 6' high. They also changed the layout so that my original image would have to be severely cropped. There was just no way it would work. For the reshoot I rented a Leaf Aptus 80 MP digital back. I think it's cool that I am mounting it on my 42 year old Hasselblad 500 C. It's so old it's not even a CM and definitely not a 503. Both the 50mm lens (seen here) and the 80mm are super sharp with this back at f/16. The shoot is set for tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.