Monday, February 18, 2008


People are still asking me where my cowboy boots have gone.
I've worn boots almost every day since 1975. Most of the time they are Noconas. They seem to fit perfectly from day one. I don't wear them the way you are supposed to. I wear the same pair almost every day and they last about three years, being resoled 2-3 times within their lifetime.
However, I have worn Nike running shoes for the last year. After walking all around Manhattan with my friend Mark (from Quad Photo) at the photo show in 2006, I started a hole in the bottom of the sole. By summer 2007, it was too bad to wear. Since then I have worn these running shoes while I tried to find someone near here who would resole these boots. No one liked the job done by the last guy in Ridgewood NJ, so no one near would do the work.
Finally, in February 2008, I dropped them off at the same old place for their last re-sole. They should last one more year, and soon, I'll be back in boots again.

I always wondered if I my 5'8" frame could live without the 2" heals the boots offer...
Well, after one year without, I guess I know I can.