Sunday, June 24, 2018

All Photoshop all the time

I currently run three monitors in my studio. One is on my laptop (for skype and email) above that is Cinema Display that is color corrected for image correction and another Cinema Display is to the right to watch YouTubeTV or Netflix while I work. Since I was around 8 I have always worked  with a TV on. Before that we didn't have a TV. I was once told that I did that so that I could keep part of my ADD addled brain busy and then could focus on my work. Not sure about that one but it does seems to work for me. 
The image above is a Photoshop Illustration I made for fun. It's the desktop image for the laptop and the Cinema Display on the right. The one on top is a more boring gray so it won't mess up any color work. The image is my memory's view of the old B line 23rd street station in the 70's. Since I lived on West 22nd street back then, I used the station a lot. Everything was done in Photoshop except for the posters that I shot for Brooklyn Union Gas back then. Like I tell my clients, I use Photoshop just about every day. Some days it's just for fun.